Hari raya hari yang mulia..everybody who are wearing baju melayu,baju kurung must be had a surprise feeling and also exited..wearing a new clothes,hands shaking as to apologize,got some money from the older people (it is normal for worker person giving money to the younger).

i have celebrated hari raya Eid for 18 times..but ill make sure that this year Eid is better and lively then aver..visiting my only grandma (my 2 grandpas and another grandma has passed away) sob* sob*

oh yeah my favourite food during Eid is lemang + rendang…fuuuh!! mom,ur rendang is killing me slowly~ but there is many more food are served during Eid..like lontong,mee kari,mee soto and many more..if u want it all,,please drop by to my house =)

a day or 2 days before Eid,all of big family members are getting a well prepare to returning to the hometown to regathering..no matter how far are they live,somewhere in KL,JB,Kedah or else..

but for me,,the best momments while with my family is moving together ramai-ramai gegar rumah sedara yang lain..no wonder lah,Eid kaaan,3 4 cars is not a biggie =) HAHA..tersedu tuan rumah nak siapkan air.

alaaahhh!! why im soo sleepy ah??! can go tho lah..aiyark..but its late oredy..or i have just wait for the sunrise? ah no need lah..my eyes will turn onto panda’s eye..lol..i dowan! just stay tune for the next photos eh =) nite zzZZzzZ